KC Chiefs exhibit Super Bowl upside and self-destructive issues vs Dolphins

The Chiefs are capable of great highs and tremendous lows—even in the same game.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Alex Grimm/GettyImages
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The Punt Returns (All Bad)

The Chiefs have a chronic punt return problem and Dave Toub's reputation simply can't protect him anymore. I don't remember the last time I wasn't filled with dread when the Chiefs fielded a punt. I literally fear something horrible is going to happen every time the punt return unit takes the field. Mecole Hardman was a frustrating mess as a punt returner during his first tenure in K.C. Then there was the Skyy Moore's failed tenure as the punt returner and now we're back to Hardman's antics again.

After having a nightmare game last week, you would think that Hardman and Dave Toub would have made sure things were much better this week. While there wasn't a fumble this time around, Hardman continues to field punts inside his own 10-yard line. In fact, he doesn't just field them there, he fair catches them. The benefit of doing this simply doesn't warrant the risk. Late in the game, Hardman called for a fair catch inside the five-yard line. It makes no sense. You're already pinning your offense back; just let it bounce and at least give the team a chance to get a touchback.

The Chiefs looked like they might have been on to something when they had rookie Montrell Washington returning punts, but ever since Hardman returned the job has gone back to him. I would much prefer they go back to Washington, but if they don't want to use a roster spot on Washington then give the job to Kadarius Toney. It's not like they're using him much on offense. If he's only going to play a few snaps on offense each game then why not let him have the punt return job? He showed in the Super Bowl what he can do with the job.

Regardless of how they fix it the Chiefs have to clean up the punt return situation over the bye. Toub has to give up this "just keep fielding them back there and maybe something good will happen" mindset and force his punt returners to play it safe. The fair catches inside the 10 have to completely go too. You can't even argue that there's an upside with them like you can with an actual return.

Finally, let's end on a positive with the most Super Bowl caliber part of the Chiefs that was on display yet again vs the Dolphins.