KC Chiefs exhibit Super Bowl upside and self-destructive issues vs Dolphins

The Chiefs are capable of great highs and tremendous lows—even in the same game.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Alex Grimm/GettyImages
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The Chiefs 3rd Down/Red Zone Play Calling (Good and Bad)

All season the Chiefs have struggled with play calling in the red zone and on 3rd and short. Their refusal to run quarterback sneaks or trust their power run game on 3rd and short has created a situation where the defense knows the Chiefs aren't going to rely on either of those things, so they can focus on stopping the pass or Andy's "too cute" play calls.

Early in the game, Andy Reid seemed to have the perfect plays called up. His opening drive red-zone calls were perfect. Even when a Justin Watson touchdown was called back, he dialed up a play to Rashee Rice on the very next play that got the job done. Then on KC's long second touchdown drive, he had a perfect play design on 3rd down where Kelce drew the defense away from Jerick McKinnon who not only converted the 3rd down but got in the endzone.

Unfortunately, that was the end of "Good Andy" in those situations in this game. It was especially frustrating late in the game when Miami had made it a one-score game. On a pivotal 3rd-and-1 in the 4th quarter, the Chiefs called up another ineffective pass play when a QB sneak was wide open for the taking. Even if he refuses to use Mahomes on sneaks, it's equally frustrating that a team with an interior line like KC's doesn't trust them to get one yard up the middle in that situation.

Andy Reid either has to have his "A" game more consistently in those situations or they have to find a way to line up and get that one yard without getting too creative. This is a perfect segue to my last point where we saw the both the good and the bad in this game.