KC Chiefs defense is its best in 20 years (and 3 other overreactions to Week 9)

Let's look back at a crazy game between the Chiefs and Dolphins and overreact about a few things.

Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Ralf Ibing - firo sportphoto/GettyImages
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2. This is the most important bye week of Andy Reid's tenure.

The struggling offense will be my focus for the upcoming two weeks. The Chiefs offensive coaching staff should take a breath after their international travels, but they also need to be serious about looking in the mirror regarding their performance so far this season. 

I get it. The Chiefs do lack a serious receiving threat outside of Travis Kelce. But frankly, that is because the play calling and personnel deployment don't allow for it. Patrick Mahomes completed 20 of his 30 passes on Sunday but targeted 11 different players. How is one of these young wide receivers supposed to develop chemistry and establish a rhythm with the quarterback if they aren't consistently involved in the passing game?

Kadarius Toney is a perfect example of this. Toney had one catch for 18 yards on Sunday. It was a highlight play, as it took five Miami defenders to take Toney down. Plus, it was a ball not thrown behind the line of scrimmage for Toney. The Chiefs have nearly exclusively used Toney as a gadget player this season, yet he makes a great play that leverages his talents better, then fans don't see him again. That was his only target of the game, and Toney ended the game with only seven offensive snaps. It's frustrating to see his potential wasted.

Toney is just one example, though. The offense has been predictable and lacking creativity throughout the season. This playcalling feels stagnant as if stuck in a repetitive loop with no room for innovation or adaptation. Plus, opposing defenses are using similar tactics to shut down the Chiefs offense. Where have the adjustments been? Where have some of the simple West Coast offense principles been that Andy Reid has utilized so well?

I have heard that Reid is simply sandbagging and saving his best offensive plays for the season's second half. He wants to keep his opponents guessing and maintain a competitive advantage. Whatever. I do not buy it. I think this green coaching staff lacks the confidence to make decisive adjustments and bold play calls. They need to step up their game against the upcoming stretch of quality opponents.

If the Chiefs suddenly return from the bye as a top-five offense once again, I will delete my X account. I am not buying the sandbagging. I think the offensive bag is simply lighter than Chiefs fans have come to expect.