Could the Kansas City Chiefs move Creed Humphrey to guard someday?

Brett Veach spoke highly of Humphrey's versatility from the NFL Combine.

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Kansas City Chiefs starting center Creed Humphrey has been a stalwart player on the team's offensive line for a few years now. The former second-round pick is already widely regarded as the best blocking center in football, especially after the retirement of Philadelphia Eagles' Jason Kelce. Humphrey has already earned All-Pro honors in his career and has twice been selected for the Pro Bowl.

However, there is one area in which Creed Humphrey has struggled as of recently and it's the most basic fundamental aspect of the position: Snapping the football.

Humphrey's consistently low snaps caused trouble for the Chiefs this past season and stuck out like a sore thumb in the postseason. Those low snaps caused quarterback Patrick Mahomes to miss out on some otherwise big plays including what could have been a game-winning touchdown at the end of regulation in Super Bowl LVIII to Rashee Rice, but because of a low snap, Mahomes couldn't see Rice streaking open.

Additionally, Humphrey acknowledged his poor snaps when questioned by the media earlier this year.

Could the Kansas City Chiefs move Creed Humphrey to guard?

General manager Brett Veach was asked about center Creed Humphrey and what his thoughts were on the snap issue in a Tuesday interview at the NFL combine in Indianapolis and whether or not they saw him at guard or center moving forward.

“I think both,” Chiefs general manager Brett Veach said Tuesday at the NFL Combine. “He’s had a couple of center snap issues there that ... it’s funny, because those popped up early on in his career, and then they kind of went away. And then they kind of creep back up. But he’s a consummate professional, and there’s no one harder on himself than Creed.”

Ultimately, Veach wouldn't rule out a position change in Humphrey's future.

“I think Creed’s just a Pro Bowl football player. He’s a Pro Bowl interior lineman,” said Veach. “That’s how we see him.”

While it seems the Chiefs are still set at center for the moment and the organization believes in his ability to fix the snap issues, it doesn't seem impossible that center or interior lineman could be a sneaky, under-the-radar need for Kansas City this offseason. It would also appear, based on Veach's comments and his history of candid interviews combined with misdirection, that Kansas City could even potentially bring in competition for Humphrey this offseason.

This doesn't have to be viewed as a negative either. Humphrey is a fantastic blocker and positional versatility is a good thing. It's worth considering that moving Humphrey to guard could be the best move when addressing the team's needs in the future. Trey Smith will need an extension after next season and Joe Thuney is nearing the end of his contract with the Chiefs.

With that said, having that flexibility of being able to move Humphrey to guard if the Chiefs either want to save money (or like another center) is ideal. Humphrey's positional versatility gives Kansas City the most options.