Kansas City Chiefs unleash comedy of errors in first half vs. Broncos

The Chiefs are looking a lot like their first-week selves in Week 8. That's not good.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos / Justin Tafoya/GettyImages

To be honest, it's difficult to make heads or tails of what's happening at Mile High Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

The Kansas City Chiefs came into their meeting against the Denver Broncos in Week 8 expected to roll quite easily since they'd won the previous 16 meetings between the teams. (Yes, that's true. That's not a typo.) Through the first half, it's not as if the Broncos have kept things unexpectedly close. It's more that the Chiefs just look like they're coming completely unraveled in the process.

If you're a Broncos fan (or someone who is tired of Chiefs Mania), then this first half has been a dream come true, but no matter which side you're rooting for, it's easy to admit these two quarters of football have been shocking from beginning to end.

So far the Chiefs have three turnovers on the afternoon on a day where Patrick Mahomes came into the day having battled the flu over the weekend. Reports said he'd spent the previous couple of days dealing with the illness and a spiking fever that they fought back with fluids from IVs. That has to explain some of what we've seen. But let's survey the turnovers real quick for a sampling.

First, here's the opening turnover of the trio when Marquez Valdes-Scantling comes up with a nice catch in the middle of the field yet fails to secure the ball enough despite knowing he's a sitting duck.

On this second turnover, Mahomes tries to thread a needle to Travis Kelce and things go south from there.

After the first two turnovers, the third and final one of the half was pretty much a laugher. This came when the Chiefs were finally moving the ball and then they lost it.

Around all of this, don't forget that Mahomes threw four passes on the first couple of drives for negative yards. That was due to odd play calling. There have also been weird penalties, dropped passes, and other miscues.

If this sounds like Detroit all over again, we can only hope things improve after going back to the locker room at halftime.