The ultimate wide receiver tiers for the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2024 draft

Everyone agrees that the Kansas City Chiefs need to take a wide receiver in the 2024 NFL draft, but here's a comprehensive and different take on who they should target.
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The 2024 NFL Draft is only a little over a week away and fans of every NFL team are anxiously waiting to see what new players get added to their favorite team's roster. For fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, no position is being watched closer this offseason than wide receiver. Fortunately for the Chiefs, this position of need lines up with one of the deepest and most talented position groups in the 2024 draft class.

By this point, many of you may have looked over countless mock drafts, big boards, positional rankings, and scouting reports. As the pre-draft process goes on, sometimes the draft community can develop a little bit of a group-think mentality when it comes to prospects and it can start to feel like the order of prospects at a position group is largely agreed upon with only minor differences in personal preference. Then when the actual draft comes we usually find that the "consensus" order did not match how the actual NFL teams saw the prospects.

My goal today is to give you a little different take on the wide receiver class than what you are currently seeing from most other outlets. You may not agree with them entirely, but by this point in the process, I am always happy to read a different take on the class (even when I don't agree with it) and I'm hoping some of you will feel the same way. So without further ado, here are my top 30 wide receivers in the 2024 NFL Draft and the six tiers I have them broken into, specifically for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Tier 1: The Elite Wide Receivers Worthy of a Massive Chiefs Trade Up

Most Chiefs fans have written off the top three prospects in this draft class for the Chiefs. They are all predicted to go in the top ten picks, and the price to move up that high is considered too steep by the vast majority of fans. I would argue that with the Chiefs perennially drafting at the end of the first round, if they wanted to give up a future first-rounder and more to move all the way up into the top ten, I would be all for it. So if Brett Veach wants to swing for the fences and pay a king's ransom to bring Rome Odunze or Malik Nabers to Kansas City to pair with Patrick Mahomes for the next decade, go for it. The Atlanta Falcons didn't ever regret moving up to get Julio Jones, and I don't think the Chiefs would regret moving up for any of these three elite prospects.

1. Marvin Harrison Jr. - Ohio State - 6'3" - 209 pounds

Marvin Harrison Jr. is one of the best all-around wide receiver prospects to come out in several years. He's incredibly polished already and when you combine that with his physical gifts I'd be shocked if he wasn't one of the ten best wideouts in the NFL the moment he steps on the field. He's probably the most impossible to trade up for, but can you imagine pairing him with Patrick Mahomes?

2. Rome Odunze - Washington - 6'3" - 212 pounds

Most people have Malik Nabers second in this class, and he and Rome Odunze are neck and neck for me, but at the end of the day, I just love Odunze's physical prowess and competitive nature. His combination of athleticism, strength, and route running just seems like a surefire hit in the NFL. If Harrison and Nabers go off the board first on draft day and Rome Odunze is still on the board in the 8-10 pick range, I would offer a huge package of picks to go up and get him.

3. Malik Nabers - LSU - 6'0" - 199 pounds

While I have Malik Nabers third in my rankings, I still think he'll be an absolute star in the NFL. While he isn't as physical as Harrison or Odunze, he makes up for it by being the most explosive player in this entire draft. The only reason I have him third is because I think a smart defensive coordinator and a good physical corner could give him problems. Still, I'd be fine with a massive trade-up for him if he was the wideout who fell to the bottom of the top ten.

Next up, my second tier, which is where I'm going to start to break from popular opinion.

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