Kansas City Chiefs: The most memorable moments from Super Bowl LVIII

The Kansas City Chiefs established themselves as the NFL's new dynasty with a win in Super Bowl LVIII. Here are the most memorable moments from the game.

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Mahomes' legs keep title hopes alive

06:05 Q5 - 4th and 1 • KC ball on KC 34

P.Mahomes rushed right tackle to KC 42 for 8 yards. Tackled by F.Warner at KC 42.

I muted the TV and shut my eyes for this play. Kansas City's Super Bowl hopes hanging in the balance, and Mahomes made it look easy running for a new set of downs.

Rashee Rice brings Chiefs closer to field goal range

04:10 Q5 - 3rd and 6 • KC ball on KC 46

P.Mahomes pass short right complete to KC 49. Catch made by R.Rice at KC 49. Gain of 13 yards. Pushed out of bounds by C.Ward at SF 41.

Kansas City had to at least get into Butker's range in overtime. Rice made that happen with this clutch third-down conversion.

Mahomes puts team on his back

02:07 Q5 - 3rd and 1 • KC ball on SF 32

P.Mahomes scrambles up the middle to SF 13 for 19 yards. Tackled by T.Gipson at SF 13.

Mahomes led the Chiefs in rushing yards Sunday night, and this 19-yard scramble was the cherry on top.

Mahomes, Hardman break hearts everywhere

00:13 Q5 - 1st and 3 • KC ball on SF 3

P.Mahomes pass complete to SF 3. Catch made by M.Hardman at SF 3. Gain of 3 yards. M.Hardman for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Haters, eat your heart out. Back to back, baby.