Kansas City Chiefs schedule 2024: Game by game and final record predictions

After Wednesday's release of the 2024 NFL schedule, we finally know when the Chiefs will play every opponent. What does their schedule look like and what could their record look like?
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Kara Durrette/GettyImages
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Week 15: @ Cleveland Browns (December 15, Noon, CBS)

The Browns boasted one of the league's top defenses last season, though their performance noticeably dipped on the road. Unfortunately for Kansas City, this matchup takes place in Cleveland.

Myles Garrett rightfully earned Defensive Player of the Year honors in 2023, and the Browns' formidable defensive line could pose a significant challenge for an offensive line that lacks elite talent at both tackle positions.

While Cleveland's defense shines, their offense fell short of expectations last season. Deshaun Watson's decline from his Houston days raises concerns, particularly considering his hefty contract. If he fails to rediscover his previous form, the Browns could find themselves in a precarious situation.

This game has all the markings of a Chiefs victory, albeit one that lacks true satisfaction.

PREDICTION: Chiefs 16, Browns 14 and the Chiefs soar to 12-2.

Week 16: vs. Houston Texans (December 21, Noon, NBC)

The Houston Texans have emerged as a standout during the NFL offseason. With CJ Stroud’s impressive performance last season and their bold acquisitions of Stefon Diggs and Danielle Hunter, Houston appears to be shaping up as an immediate Super Bowl contender.

However, whether they can avoid a sophomore slump remains uncertain. Nonetheless, if Stroud maintains his level of play from last year, the Texans could pose a significant challenge to the Chiefs.

While we all hope for the Chiefs to maintain an unbeaten record at Arrowhead, history suggests it's a rare accomplishment. The team hasn’t achieved an undefeated home record in the regular season since 2003 and has never done so in the Arrowhead era, even including postseason games. Moreover, Kansas City typically performs well in December, but this game could potentially be a trap, especially with a Christmas Day matchup looming.

In this contest, I'm inclined to pick Houston. It’s one of the few matchups where it's not unreasonable to bet against Kansas City, although the outcome remains uncertain.

PREDICTION: Texans 23, Chiefs 20 and the Chiefs fall to 12-3.

Week 17: @ Pittsburgh Steelers (December 25, Noon, Netflix)

The Chiefs are gearing up for a trip to Pittsburgh, marking their first visit since Patrick Mahomes’ standout performance in Week 2 of 2018, set to unfold on Christmas Day. Who could forget Mahomes' spectacular display in that game? He lit up the field with 326 passing yards on just 28 attempts, notching an impressive six touchdowns in what stands as one of the future Hall of Famer’s most memorable outings.

Nevertheless, the Steelers are poised to present a stiffer challenge compared to recent years. While their quarterback situation may not have seen significant upgrades, it has gained stability and potential with the additions of Russell Wilson and Kenny Pickett. Bolstered by a strong draft, their offensive line has the potential to transform from a liability into a strength, while their defense, spearheaded by TJ Watt, remains a formidable group.

It's worth noting that the Chiefs seem to drop a game they shouldn’t every season. This upcoming matchup has all the markings of one of those games, despite the crucial juncture it represents being so close to the postseason. With the coaching prowess of Mike Tomlin and the formidable challenge of playing in Pittsburgh, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Steelers making a return to the postseason this year.

PREDICTION: Steelers 22, Chiefs 20 and the Chiefs fall to 12-4.

Week 18: @ Denver Broncos (January 5, TBD)

The Chiefs' 15-point defeat at Mile High last year should have served as a humbling experience. There's no excuse for them to falter in Denver for the second consecutive season. While it may be a closely contested matchup, Kansas City should ultimately triumph and reignite their winning streak against their longtime rivals.

If the Chiefs have already secured their playoff berth, they may opt to rest starters in this game. However, regardless of the playoff scenario, as long as Patrick Mahomes remains healthy, losing should be out of the question for Kansas City.

PREDICTION: Chiefs 35, Broncos 14 and the Chiefs finish 13-4.


For many Chiefs fans, a 13-4 record might feel underwhelming, and it's understandable why they might believe that. Kansas City is expected to be the favorite in all but a couple of games this season, leaving room for optimism that they could secure 14 or even 15 wins.

A 13-4 record should position them well for the #1 seed in the AFC, especially given the competitive landscape of the conference this year. At the very least, they should clinch the #2 seed. In 2023, their 11-6 record landed them the #3 seed, albeit losing the tiebreaker to Buffalo. However, with a 13-4 record, they should be in a prime position for the top seed.

Under Andy Reid's tenure, the Chiefs have won at least 13 regular season games twice (in 2020 and 2022). While it's not a guarantee they'll replicate that feat this season, considering the relatively weaker AFC West, it's not unreasonable to project them to secure at least 14 victories. Nonetheless, accomplishing such a task remains a significant challenge for any team.