Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce at the President's podium is now an amazing bobblehead


A Kansas City Chiefs themed Presidential ticket of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce is truly one that would unite the nation.

Well, almost the entire nation sans Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and probably Philadelphia.

But you get the idea.

Look, the pair of ballers don't have their eyes on the Oval Office, but rather another Lombardi Trophy. Still, the duo looked pretty great at the podium during their White House visit.

Which is where FOCO's newest limited-edition bobblehead comes in. Check it out below.


Limited-Edition Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce Presidential Podium Dual Bobblehead (223)

From FOCO: Mahomes-Kelce 2023. They may not be hitting the campaign trail any time soon, but this Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce Presidential Podium Dual Bobblehead is here to bring these superstar running mates to your collection.

Only 223 of these are being produced, and once they're gone, they're gone. But you can secure a pre-order at FOCO for $100.

  • Portrays Mahomes posing in his light blue suit and Kelce posing in his red suit, dressed to impress for their visit to the White House
  • Presidential podium accent on top of base, because there's never been a crowd that Kelce doesn't want to entertain
  • Front name displays so everyone knows who the faces of your collection are
  • Handcrafted
  • Hand painted

This dual bobblehead will ship no later than December, just in time for Christmas (hint-hint). Be sure to check out FOCO today.

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