Kansas City Chiefs on top? Ranking the AFC West NFL Draft classes

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1. Los Angeles Chargers

Round 1, No. 5: Joe Alt, OL, Notre Dame

Round 2, No. 34 (via New England): Ladd McConkey, WR, Georgia

Round 3, No. 69: Junior Colson, LB, Michigan

Round 4, No. 105: Justin Eboigbe, DT, Alabama

Round 5, No. 137 (via New England): Tarheeb Still, CB, Maryland

Round 5, No. 140: Cam Hart, CB, Notre Dame

Round 6, No. 181: Kimani Vidal, RB, Troy University

Round 7 No. 225: Brenden Rice, WR, USC

Round 7, No. 253: Cornelius Johnson, WR, Michigan

The Chargers needed to further their new identity in the draft, and this draft class certainly accomplished that. Joe Alt projects as a generational left tackle talent who can anchor the offensive line for years to come. The addition of McConkey and Rice not only provides Justin Herbert with more weapons in the passing game but also strengthens the team's offensive arsenal significantly. Harbaugh brought in former Michigan linebacker Colson, who has the tools and opportunity to make an impact early.

Doubling up at cornerback with Hart and Still was an interesting choice, but certainly helps fill out a still-thin defensive backs room. They both have different strengths, with Still being more physical while Hart is all finesse. Vidal is an exciting addition, with an athletic profile similar to Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco. There is a big competitive jump from Troy to the NFL, but Vidal is one to watch this summer.

Biggest gamble: Ladd McConkey

I love McConkey's skill set and wouldn't have been sad to see the Chiefs draft him. However, he was available outside of the first round for a reason. Back and ankle injuries sapped his 2023 season, limiting him to nine games and one start. Also, if you watch his 2022 tape, there are some ball-tracking concerns, especially down the field. When healthy, he fits well as an NFL slot receiver. However, his ability to stay on the field and demonstrate his production in the more physically demanding NFL will be crucial for McConkey's success.

Biggest steal: Cornelius Johnson

Harbaugh double-dipped on his Michigan connection, drafting three-year starter Cornelius Johnson in the seventh round. His 2023 production likely kept him a Day 3 selection, but Johnson's combine and Shrine Bowl performances should have propelled him further up the boards. The wideout is not a top target, but he was dependable in contested catch situations and a tenacious run blocker. Those two traits make him a great fit as Harbaugh looks to rebuild the Chargers offensive attack.