Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars: Writers' picks for Week 2

Well, let's hope this week goes better.
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Well, the Kansas City Chiefs were not the only losers in Week 1. Our entire writing staff picked the reigning Super Bowl champions over the Detroit Lions, but few foresaw a messy offense and 21-20 loss in Arrowhead. The Chiefs head south to Florida, facing the AFC South's best, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Travis Kelce's status remains uncertain, Chris Jones' snap count and the offense bouncing back are just a few of the storylines to watch for this week. But, no matter the journey, Kansas City will leave Jacksonville as either a winner or a loser. There is a big difference between 0-2 and 1-1. I guess they could tie, but I would not bet on it.

Check out the staff's picks and predictions for what matters in Sunday's game:

Grant Tuttle (0-1)
The Chiefs can’t lose this one, right? Like, Mahomes will not let that happen… I’m expecting a better offensive performance and a continuation of the solid defense shown against the Lions. Gimme a Mahomes-Grim Reaper-type game.
Chiefs 34, Jaguars 28

Max Cashio
Kansas City is in desperate need of a bounce-back game, and they’ll get that in Jacksonville on Sunday. It won’t be pretty, but KC will iron out some of those mental errors on the offensive side of the hall and squeak by with a Week 2 win.
Chiefs 27, Jaguars 21

Tyler Brown (0-1)
All is well in the Kindom. Chris Jones and many are optimistic that Travis Kelce will be back. Week one went about as well as it could go after a Chiefs loss, with the Bills, Bengals and Chargers all losing. The Jags offense looked good against the Colts, except for the pressure they allowed up the middle to DeForest Buckner. I suspect Jones will make hay with his limited snaps and Kelce will help hide the wide receiver woes.
Chiefs 24, Jaguars 20

Stacy Smith (0-1)
As a team looking to get back to its winning ways, the Kansas City Chiefs rebound and get a lift from two of its best players (Travis Kelce and Chris Jones). Kadarius Toney will be motivated to put an awful game behind him. Andy Reid will be at his best against one of his proteges.
Chiefs 27, Jaguars 24

Greg Florkowski (0-1)
In week 2 the Chiefs visit the Jacksonville Jaguars. All signs are pointing to Travis Kelce and Chris Jones making their regular season debuts and fireworks will fly for the away team as the Chiefs get back on track with a big game from Teavis Kelce and Kadarious Toney.
Chiefs 35, Jaguars 24

Greg Morse
Week 1 gave us a grim outlook of a future without Travis Kelce and Chris Jones. But the good news is, the Chiefs only lost by 1 point. It’s still up in the air on if those two guys will suit up against the Jaguars, but regardless, I expect an angry Mahomes to super glue the ball to his receiver's hands.
Chiefs 31, Jaguars 20

Jacob Milham (0-1)
I overreacted last week. Overreacting again would be picking a fringe contending Jaguars squad over the reeling Chiefs. But, there are too many things going the Chiefs' way for them to lose this....right?
Chiefs 31, Jaguars 27

Ken Coltharp
The vibes for the Chiefs and Jags are going in opposite directions. The Chiefs getting stronger with potentially both Chris Jones and Travis Kelce coming back following a tough loss to Detroit.  The Jags, on the other hand, may be without two starting offensive linemen who got hurt during a ten-point victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Coach Andy Reid had a full week to put together a scheme that fit the personnel he will have on offense and the Chiefs defense will put pressure on Jags quarterback Trevor Lawrence all afternoon. Chiefs 28, Jaguars 24

Charles Robinson (0-1)
The Chiefs have a lot of corrections to make from their Week 1 loss to Detroit, but all of what ailed them in Week 1 seems to be something that you would expect to autocorrect quicker than your iPhone changing a certain word to "duck". Kadarius Toney and Skyy Moore, despite popular belief, can in fact catch footballs. Andy Reid and Matt Nagy are in fact great offensive minds. The positives going into Week 2 following the Week 1 upset? The offensive line ranked at or near the top of the league in run and pass block win rate, and the defense played out of their minds even without Chris Jones on the field. All of these corrections, additions to the roster, and already set foundational pieces should lead to a nice turnaround for Kansas City in an early season schedule that looks suddenly less daunting with Aaron Rodgers on the shelf.
Chiefs 27, Jaguars 23

Matt "Micky Deez" Conner (0-1)
The Jags are certainly a team on the rise with a lot to be excited about, but it's hard to imagine this unit being as deep as it needs to be to keep the Chiefs from running away with this one when the motivation should be flowing for the visiting team.
Chiefs 30, Jaguars 20

Lucas Strozinsky (0-1)
For a variety of reasons, this needs to be a Chris Jones game. The Jaguars' interior offensive line is dreadful and the Chiefs struggle to generate pressure from the middle if Jones isn't the one doing it. On offense, the return of Travis Kelce should be a force multiplier. The Chiefs bounce back in Duval and earn a road win against a very good team.
Chiefs 31, Jaguars 26

Anthony Hatton (0-1)
In one of the more exciting matchups for Week 2, the Chiefs and Jaguars both feel a sense of urgency ahead of this game. Kansas City doesn't want to fall to an 0-2 record. Some of the Jaguars players still see the Chiefs as the defending champions that beat them twice last season. Until Doug Pederson can coach a team to defeat Andy Reid, I have to go with a motivated Kansas City team on the road.
Chiefs 38, Jaguars 22

Josh Fann
I expect the Kansas City Chiefs and their offense to come out and make a statement against the Jacksonville Jaguars after a frustrating week one performance. Look for Kansas City to pass the ball a lot and for the receivers to be more productive with Travis Kelce back to take attention from them.
Chiefs 31, Jaguars 21