Kadarius Toney needs to stay away from social media

Seriously, just drop the phone.

Sep 7, 2023; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Detroit Lions safety Brian Branch (32) intercepts a pass
Sep 7, 2023; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Detroit Lions safety Brian Branch (32) intercepts a pass / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Look, we've all been there before. We've been in a relationship or a situation in which we felt slighted, and it felt oh-so-sweet to see that same person or place receive their comeuppance, so to speak—for karma to do what karma always does and deliver a taste of their own medicine. So in a way, Kadarius Toney's impulses are relatable.

That doesn't make them right.

It seems that Toney's favorite activity is to find a way to troll the New York Giants organization in any way. Typically that's by interacting with and/or trolling Giants fans on social media, which is questionable enough for any player—especially to do it so often—but these days, we can't encourage Toney enough to set the subject aside.

Or maybe we should tell him to drop it.

I'm all for lifting Toney up these days when everyone on planet earth—including many inside of Chiefs Kingdom—are ready to bring him down. The young player had a historically bad day on the job and there were nearly 30 million people watching him do it. That's not any scenario I want a part of.

But Toney isn't doing himself any favors, and in case you have zero idea what we're referring to, just know that a few days after costing the Chiefs at least 10 points in a one-point loss, Toney resorted to this on Instagram:

Yeah, that's a pot and kettle moment. Imagine Brodie Croyle making fun of someone's deep ball accuracy or Ben Niemann calling out the lack of athleticism in someone else. Those guys don't make those statements because they know better. So why doesn't Toney?

Somewhere between right now and next Sunday, Chiefs Kingdom can only hope that Kadarius Toney finds a way to forge some real mental toughness—to figure out what few things really matter at this point, personally or professionally, and fixate unswervingly on those things. He needs a short memory of his own mistakes and yet the resulting humility to linger for some time. He also needs to stay off of his phone.