Justin Reid lands on Bills-loving clown from Twitter's top rope

Why would Buffalo fans even try to talk trash about the Chiefs at this stage?
Houston Texans v Buffalo Bills
Houston Texans v Buffalo Bills / Brett Carlsen/GettyImages

Why would Buffalo Bills fans even try to talk trash about the Kansas City Chiefs at this stage?

The phrase "glutton for punishment" exists for a reason, and perhaps that's best illustrated by being a card-carrying member of Bills Mafia or whatever it's called. (Honestly, mafia is a somewhat imposing term and Bills fans should be choosing something softer but that's for another time.)

Anyway, back to the latest losing episode on the part of Buffalo Bills fans. Earlier this month, someone named @UberHansen who pays for a blue checkmark on Twitter—yes, we're committed to calling it that—decided to use the solar eclipse to randomly call out Kansas City Chiefs safety Justin Reid.

We're not sure why this particular Bills clown thought that was a good idea, but we assume his inability to tag Reid made him think he could just toss a random joke out there and not get any blowback. Then he found out that Reid—like other Chiefs safeties before him—has a tendency to keep an eye on social media.

Yeah, that's Reid responding to a Bills fan trying to be a troll and talk trash about the Chiefs with the sort of huge hit off of the top rope that's so entertaining in pro wrestling. In fact, the joke was so good on Reid's part that the responses from bystanders were all wondering if Uberhansen was okay.

Some fans responded in the best way as well.

This response was the most direct and possibly the best.