Justin Reid handed the Raiders another L at Super Bowl week in Las Vegas

The Raiders are having a rough week despite not playing.

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

It's bad enough for the Las Vegas Raiders and their fan base that the Kansas City Chiefs are appearing in their fourth Super Bowl in a five-year span but it gets worse for Raiders fans. This year's big event is being held in Allegiant Stadium, the home of the Raiders since 2020.

So, not only do the Raiders have to watch the Chiefs in yet another Super Bowl (with the chance of becoming a dynasty pending on the results of Sunday's game) but they have to watch them play in their house. Raiders fans have to see the Chiefs logo everywhere this week and cry as the Chiefs are written in their end zone in bright, bold letters. That's gotta hurt.

Well, Chiefs safety Justin Reid made Raiders fans even more upset this week. When discussing how it felt to be practicing at the Raiders facility, he said "All that black is daunting. But we covered it up with some Chiefs stuff."

Justin Reid serves up another L on a platter for the Raiders.

What's even funnier about all of this is that the Chiefs are playing in a playoff game at Allegiant Stadium before the Raiders are. The stadium just opened in 2020 and the Raiders have only made the playoffs once since then but it was as a wild card.

If the Chiefs win on Sunday, they'll also be the first team to win a playoff game in the Raiders' stadium, which just adds to the list of reasons why this storyline is fantastic.