Joe Thuney one of two Chiefs offensive players not participating at minicamp

There's probably not a whole lot to read into this.
Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs are wrapping up their offseason training program this week, as mandatory minicamp runs from Tuesday to Thursday of this week. After that, the team's "off" for the summer, as the six-week countdown to training camp begins.

It might end up being a bit of a longer break for a few Chiefs players, though.

Mandatory minicamp doesn't give fans very much to read into, but it's still at least somewhat notable when players sit out for physical reasons. On Tuesday, only two players weren't participating in the action: Joe Thuney and Xavier Worthy.

How much should Chiefs fans read into Joe Thuney not showing up to minicamp?

You never love seeing your All-Pro caliber starting guard and 1st round wide receiver miss time for mysterious injuries, but in Thuney's case, at least, it's probably not worth freaking out about. He's still recovering from the torn pec injury he suffered last year, one that forced him to sit out Super Bowl LVIII. (If it's bad enough to miss a Super Bowl, that sorta puts missing June minicamp in perspective.)

If anything, the Worthy news is a bit more eye-catching. The rookie wide receiver has been held out for most of the Cheifs' offseason program, and he missed most of OTAs with what the team is calling a hamstring injury. Soft tissue injuries in June aren't anything new, but hamstring issues for a wide receiver who was drafted in large part for his speed is enough to make fans a little nervy.

As for Thuney, it sounds like it's just another example of a team and one of their best veterans being on the same page about playing things safe and taking recovery seriously. If we're still talking about this two weeks into August, then it's open season for freak outs.