Jack Jones does his best to stoke rivalry fires between Chiefs and Raiders

Jack Jones pulled a fast one on a kid in the stands at Arrowhead (and kept going).

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Coming into Week 16, Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Jack Jones felt quite confident in the team's preparations to visit and play the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. He was content to provide bulletin board material before the game, and then he stepped up to back up his words during the game.

Even worse, Jones got a chance to troll a young fan at Arrowhead in the proces.

During the second quarter, the Raiders were shockingly able to put together back-to-back defensive touchdowns—yes, that's two defensive touchdowns in seven total seconds on the game clock— and the second one was a pick-six by Jones. From there, he decided to offer up a potential gift to a young fan at Arrowhead in a kind gesture that belied the 'rivalry" status of both teams—until he didn't. (Or at least it appeared that way.)

First, the pick-six was the decisive play of the game in terms of scoring in the Chiefs' 20-14 loss here, so let's replay the actual interception.

From there, Jones even enjoyed a bit of a staredown with Mahomes on his way to putting his team over the top.

After the play, Jones ran up to fans in the seats at Arrowhead and pulled a prank on a kid in the stands as he went to hand him the football only to jerk it back. (But hold on a second...)

Following the game, however, Jones himself took to Twitter and asked fans not to leap to conclusions. Instead, he notes that an adult fan was going to get in the way and take the ball instead, so he took it back into his hands.

Troll job or not, Jones has been good for bulletin board fodder this week and the win only bolstered the rivalry going forward. Before the game, he spoke to Raiders reporters about stopping the Chiefs. He said, "If you stop Mahomes, the magic is over." He was right in Week 16.

Following the game came the post that sealed the deal, a Grinch who served up a Grinch-ian moment at Arrowhead and poured a bit of salt in a wound that isn't going to heal for at least the next five days—until the Chiefs can take out their aggression on the Cincinnati Bengals (if they're up for it).

As for the Raiders and Chiefs, this is as salty as things have felt for quite some time between the long-term rivals. It stings in the interim but the trash talk and trolling is some good firewood to place on the embers of hatred between these teams. Maybe we'll learn to hate the Raiders again instead of overlooking them.