How to make the Kansas City Chiefs uniforms perfect

The Chiefs closet could really use a fresh look to place alongside their excellent traditional options.
AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

It’s time to talk about the Kansas City Chiefs' uniforms—again.

This week, the Minnesota Vikings became the latest NFL team to unveil an awesome new uniform for the upcoming season. Once again, the question needs to be asked: why can’t the Chiefs do the same?

Dubbed the "Winter Warrior", the Vikings' all-white get-up received red-hot reviews on social media. The uniform features a white helmet coupled with a white jersey and pants, silver trim throughout, and a splash of purple to make everything pop. Simply put, it looks fantastic, and it is a look the Chiefs should absolutely try to replicate.

Just a few weeks ago, I advocated for the Chiefs to consider a uniform exactly like this: white jersey, white pants, white helmet, and red numbers and trim to go with it. I’m making that call again.

The Chiefs even have the perfect occasion to wear it: the Christmas Day game. Can you imagine seeing the Chiefs in white-out uniforms during a snow game on Christmas Day? It would be incredible.

The current uniforms are great—almost perfect, even – but why can’t Kansas City wear different for just one game a year? Is that too much to ask for?

Kansas City’s franchise is one built on history and tradition, and I respect that. Other teams have changed their uniforms and identity and been worse for it, like Buffalo and Cleveland's short-lived refreshes. But at some point, that traditional look just becomes stale and outdated. The Chiefs are flirting with making that transition.

The Chiefs don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but their wardrobe is screaming to have something fresh in it, and an all-white outfit would be the perfect answer.

While we’re talking about Chiefs uniforms …

On the subject of uniforms, there are two changes I am dying for the Chiefs to make to their existing attire, two simple changes that would literally make KC’s uniforms perfect.

The first is to the helmet. The red base, the white face mask and the arrowhead are all fantastic. But there is one thing that kills me every time I see it – the blank white section on the front.

Patrick Mahomes
The Kansas City Chiefs are the only team the NFL that has a blank white space just above the facemast. / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The Chiefs are the only team in the NFL to have that part of their helmet blank and it does my head in. It just looks so empty. Every other team in the league has something there—either their logo or nickname in writing—so why doesn’t Kansas City? Adding an arrowhead, or even better, the word "Chiefs" there would make it flawless.

The second change I’m desperate to see is to the home and away jerseys.

Green Bay Packers v Buffalo Bills
Adding the word 'Chiefs' to the front – like the Packers – would make Kansas City's helmet perfect. / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

If you look closely at them, there is nothing on either jersey that shows what team it belongs to – no logo, no city name, no nickname, nothing. Yes, there is the Lamar Hunt patch. And while that’s of course synonymous with Kansas City football, it still doesn’t say Chiefs or identity Kansas City itself.

Justin Watson
There isn't anything that actually says or identifies the Chiefs or Kansas City on the current uniforms. / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Chiefs aren’t the only team with this same quirk—the Colts, Packers and Raiders are all in the same boat—but most teams have either their name or logo somewhere. Without it, there is nothing to distinguish Kansas City’s jersey from a generic template that could belong to anyone. All I’m asking for is one, small arrowhead logo on the front just below the collar. That’s it.

I promise I am not a lunatic. But I would give just about anything to see these two little tweaks made.