How to Adopt a Dog from Puppy Bowl XX

Most puppies are already spoken for by the time the Puppy Bowl airs.

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Celebrities Visit Build - January 19, 2018 / Roy Rochlin/GettyImages

When the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers take the field on Sunday, February 11 as this year's teams in Super Bowl LVIII, they're going to have some fierce competition for the attention of some viewers. Or maybe we should say—some furrce competition.

Sorry for the pun, but it's hard to resist when referencing something so adorable as the annual Pully Bowl.

Most puppies are already spoken for by the time the Puppy Bowl airs.

In case you're new to things, the Puppy Bowl is now in its 20th edition—technically it's Puppy Bowl XX—a pet-centric play on the biggest sporting event in the year in order to raise awareness of the need for pet adoption and the importance of rescue programs and shelters around the country.

This year's edition of the Puppy Bowl features dogs from 76 different shelters across 36 states or territories (think Puerto Rico). In total, 131 dogs will be involved in the "competition" and the range of canines involved runs the gamut from tiny lap dogs to a 70-lb. great dane (we're looking at you, Levi).

Every puppy involved comes from a shelter, and the official site of the Puppy Bowl will tell you where that specific animal is from if you find yourself watching the Puppy Bowl and falling in love with one or more of the animals. That said, a lot of them are actually already spoken for ahead of time, so you might need to keep an open mind and heart when it comes to actually getting a loveable new addition to your family.

This year's Puppy Bowl XX will air on various channels and streaming services including Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, TBS, TruTV, Discovery Plus and Max. You can catch it on Super Bowl Sunday—February 11—at 1:00 p.m. C.T.