How the Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl LVIII: Four bold predictions

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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1. The Chiefs will outgain the 49ers on the ground

The San Francisco run defense was statistically one of the best this past season. After all, they ranked third, allowing 89.7 yards per game on the ground. But, after two weeks of Charmin soft run defense from the 49ers defense, the Chiefs should run roughshod.

The Chiefs' explosive rushing attack, led by running back Isiah Pacheco, will exploit any weaknesses in the 49ers' defense and rack up significant yardage. Additionally, the Chiefs' offensive line has been dominant throughout the playoffs, providing solid protection for Mahomes and creating running lanes for their backs. This combination of talent and strategy will give the Chiefs a clear advantage in the ground game.

On top of that, San Francisco's wide-nine defensive scheme puts them at an immediate disadvantage. Kansas City has leaned more on gap-running plays this postseason which bodes well against the wide-nine. The Chiefs can do this by attacking the A and C gaps in San Francisco. If fans want an example, look at the divisional game against the Buffalo Bills. They averaged 4.8 yards per carry to those gaps against the Bills, excluding Mahomes' scrambles.

The idiom that "the best defense is a good offense” applies to the 49ers' run defense. Usually, their offense builds an early lead that forces the opponent to abandon the running plays. The Ravens kept Pacheco mostly in check in the AFC Championship game, but Kansas City stuck with the running game despite this. If the Chiefs do the same against San Francisco, they should see one or two Pacheco angry runs spring for big gains.

Plus, San Francisco sacrificed run defense with their player acquisitions, adding pass-rushing defenders like Javon Hargrave and Chase Young. Fred Warner will have to have a career game to single-handedly stop Kansas City's rushing attack. But any hope San Francisco has of stopping the run rests on Warner's shoulders.