How the Kansas City Chiefs can create more cap space entering free agency

If Brett Veach wants to clear some cap space, he's got several ways he can still do so before free agency begins.

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Extend Harrison Butker

If the Chiefs only need to clear a few million at some point this offseason, they would do well to also lock up their superstar kicker—one who proved just how valuable he can be in 2024

Harrison Butker was an exemplary performer for the Chiefs in 2024 and a case could be made for him being labeled the single most underappreciated player on the roster. The reason for this is that he came through with a career year right when the Chiefs offense picked the worst time to stumble and stutter their way through most of the season.

Behind Butker's incredible blend of accuracy and power, the Chiefs were able to inch past several opponents even after scoring far less points than expected in '24. The strength of their defense held opponents to even lower totals while Butker came through with one game-winning kick after another.

As Butker heads into a contract season, the Chiefs are going to want to keep him around for the next several years to come. A new four-year extension should reward Butker to the tune of $6 million per season, but the first year of that deal could be quite low and save the Chiefs a few million on the $5M cap hit he's scheduled to make this year.