How the Kansas City Chiefs can create more cap space entering free agency

If Brett Veach wants to clear some cap space, he's got several ways he can still do so before free agency begins.

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Decide Charles Omenihu's future

Charles Omenihu presents a real quandary for the Chiefs at this point, a debate in which it's' easy to understand both sides.

Last year, Omenihu arrived on a two-year deal from the San Francisco 49ers to bolster the pass rush. He had to sit out the first six weeks of the season due to a suspension, but rallied back to form very quickly and became an essential piece of the pass rush in the second half of the season.

The problem is that Omenihu went down with a torn ACL deep in the team's postseason run and now faces a considerable rehabilitation process that should carry well into the regular season for the Chiefs. That means three important things for the Chiefs: 1.) The Chiefs have a need for a pass rusher again, 2.) The Chiefs are still paying Omenihu, and 3.) The Chiefs won't know how effective Omenihu will be on the other side.

What could ease the financial burden here, however, is also a toss-up. The Chiefs can cut Omenihu and move on without facing any further questions—a cold "thank you very much" from team to player—and be done with it. However, if they liked Omenihu for the short time he was on the field, they could extend his deal and set off some of the immediate costs to keep him down the road.

Would Omenihu be amenable to a deal? How much more would it cost? Is that smart business to extend a player coming off of such an injury? Either decision for the Chiefs (other than just leaving his deal alone) will at least save some money.