How are former Kansas City Chiefs players faring in the UFL?

Breeland Speaks leads a group of Chiefs who are faring pretty well in the UFL these days.
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Back in 2019, the Chiefs took a chance on an intriguing prospect with rare offensive versatility and intellect when they signed John Lovett to a rookie free-agent deal following the NFL Draft. Lovett was a quarterback, running back, and more for the Tigers, and the Chiefs had a vision of how he could be deployed at the next level.

Specifically, the Chiefs made the decision to turn him into a versatile h-back who could potentially play fullback and tight end—think Taysom Hill of the New Orleans Saints—and tried to make things work over the course of a year and some change. He was an injury stash his first season in 2019 but he was ultimately waived in July 2020 before being claimed by the Green Bay Packers.

The Miami Dolphins were the next team to come calling Lovett but it never led to any official action, and this year he finally landed in a new league with the UFL's San Antonio Brahmas. This year, Lovett leads the league in rushing attempts at 103 and is second in yards with 422 and touchdowns with 5.