Four surprise cut candidates for the Kansas City Chiefs after the NFL draft

We take a closer look at how each draft pick could impact their specific roster spot and, more specifically, who could be on the chopping block for the Chiefs.
Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
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3. Irv Smith, Tight End

Over before it even started? This one is extremely possible. While fit was always somewhat of a question as to what role the Chiefs wanted him to play, Irv Smith now finds himself competing with an athletic and powerful rookie in Jared Wiley. Smith could have a specific role in three tight end sets, but it is hard to see the Chiefs deciding to keep four tight ends on the roster.

Another thing that might smell trouble for Smith is that the Chiefs also signed an intriguing project type tight end from Texas Tech. Baylor Cupp, while he went undrafted, is a tremendous athlete for a man his size. Standing 6'6 and weighing 260 pounds, he is able to move very, very fast for his size. He may not be a guy that can step in and be an immediate impact player, but if the Chiefs like his potential more that Irv Smith's, it seems improbable that they would choose to part with the athletic rookie.