Four important personnel decisions facing the Kansas City Chiefs heading into Week 7

The Kansas City Chiefs have a few personnel considerations that require attention, such as potential reunions with formerly traded players.
Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs
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What about a Mecole Hardman reunion?

Speaking of reunions, that's a perfect segue into the other subject that seems to float around here like a friendly ghost: Mecole Hardman's potential return.

At this point, you almost feel bad for Hardman. He was drafted primarily as Tyreek Hill insurance by the Chiefs back in 2019 when Hill was facing significant career-ending allegations on the opening night of the NFL Draft. Three years later, Hill is traded and he's finally got a chance to shine in this Chiefs offense in a new way but his entire season is bracketed by serious injuries that limit him for the first four games and keep him out completely for the final half-season.

Heading into free agency, Hardman is allowed to leave for a chance to shine in a new market with the New York Jets. He inks a one-year deal worth up to $5.5 million with incentives, but his new quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, is injured within four plays to start the year and he becomes a healthy scratch each and every week. Through the first handful of games, Hardman has 1 catch for 6 yards and a team that treats him like a cancerous presence.

So what does Hardman do? At this point, he can't do a thing unless the Jets decide to use him or lose him. Either way would be better for Hardman, but should the Chiefs bite at the chance to bring him back? Justin Watson was just lost for some time and others have under-performed in the WR room. Could Hardman provide some relief as a familiar face who could step right in?

Opinions here are decidedly mixed and both sides again have merit. We're not sure what the Chiefs think in-house but we'll find out soon enough since the Jets aren't likely going to keep a frustrated Hardman sitting around for nothing.