Four bold AFC West predictions for the 2023 season

Every year it seems as though the media is ready to move on from the Chiefs. In many cases, analysts will pick the Chiefs to miss the playoffs as a "bold" prediction. What are our bold predictions? We discuss.
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4. Patrick Mahomes throws 50 touchdowns again

The Chiefs are not built like other teams. Patrick Mahomes has one true number one receiver in Travis Kelce. After that, there is no clear number two. There is, however, a million WR3 options for Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs have been known for being a running back by committee team. Now, as they begin to enter the years of Mahomes's prime, the Chiefs are trying a new approach: Wide receiver by committee.

While the Chiefs have a lack of top-end talent at the receiver position, they do have some guys who are both intriguing and talented enough to rotate in at any given time, which is something that they have never had before. Now, the Chiefs can bring in a ton of different combinations and packages and keep guys fresh throughout a game. We have to expect that some receivers will get more time than others, but truly, everyone who is activated on game day will see legitimate playing time. With fresh legs and different skill sets, Mahomes may have one of his best years yet. 50 touchdowns is somehow a reasonable expectation.

With a tremendous offensive line and depth at receiver, Mahomes is going to go bonkers in a statistical sense. I would look for him to be at his best ever as both a passer, and a leader. While Mahomes learns and continues to refine his game, we can expect the passing game to have a flurry of touchdowns to a bunch of different receivers. Look for 2018-type numbers from Patrick Mahomes.