Four bold AFC West predictions for the 2023 season

Every year it seems as though the media is ready to move on from the Chiefs. In many cases, analysts will pick the Chiefs to miss the playoffs as a "bold" prediction. What are our bold predictions? We discuss.

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With the season approaching, many analysts are beginning to make their annual "bold predictions" for the upcoming season. Some of these predictions are intriguing; some are ridiculous. Today, we take our turn by looking at the AFC West specifically to make our bold predictions.

It is important to bear in mind that these predictions are not going to all be positive about the Chiefs. As much as we are fans, it is important to remain objective whenever possible. So, if you are a reader who only wants to get "good vibes" about the Chiefs from what you read on this site, perhaps this article is not for you. That being said, there are plenty of favorable predictions for Chiefs fans.

Without further ado: Our bold predictions.

1. The Chargers will lead the AFC West in total offensive yards

Look, I'm not a Chargers truther. I, too, get sick of the Chargers being the offseason darling that always comes up short of expectations. By making this prediction, I am not endorsing the Chargers to win the West. With all of that in mind, Kellen Moore was an enormous addition to a team that already has a very talented offense.

While we can all sit back and rest assured that we (as Chiefs fans) have the greatest quarterback on the planet—and perhaps the greatest one to ever exist on our squad—the Chargers have talented playmakers all over the field. Let me spell it out for you. Justin Herbert is certainly a top ten type quarterback, perhaps top five. Austin Ekeler is one of the best fantasy football options because of his ability to both rush and catch out of the backfield. Then, to top it all off, the Chargers have a three-headed monster of Mike Williams, Keenan Allen, and Quentin Johnston catching the ball.

Here is where Kellen Moore comes into focus. Last season, the Chargers had many of these weapons but were hamstrung by conservative play-calling. Now, with Kellen Moore at the helm, they have someone who is not only creative, but also bold and willing to take shots down the field. Even though the Chargers were somewhat limited offensively last season, they finished 9th in the NFL in total yards. With Kellen Moore and more weapons available to the offense, they could seriously be a top-three offense in the NFL.