Former KC Chiefs among top NFL free agents remaining

Many of the top remaining free agents have ties with the Kansas City Chiefs.
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Carlos Dunlap, DE

The only person on this list who was actually with the Kansas City Chiefs in the last year or so, Carlos Dunlap might even make it off of this list in short order if the team feels about him the way that he says he still feels about the team.

In a recent interview, Dunlap stated that he would be happy to go back to Kansas City for another year and that the team already knows this. Whether or not they are interested in bringing on board a veteran player like Dunlap after bringing on so much youth this offseason is yet to be determined.

For now, the Chiefs have George Karlaftis coming into his second season working alongside recent draft picks Felix Anudike-Uzomah and B.J. Thompson. Charles Omenihu was the big free agent and it certainly helps to have Mike Danna back again. But from there, it's all about feeling out the position in the preseason and seeing if it feels too thin.

If the Chiefs are feeling a bit insecure later this month and decide they want to shore things up outside, then re-signing Dunlap makes more sense than most other moves at heir disposal. For now, however, the Chiefs are risking things a bit by leaving him available out there for any other team to claim at the present time.