Former KC Chiefs among top NFL free agents remaining

Many of the top remaining free agents have ties with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Kareem Hunt, RB

Kareem Hunt's fall from grace remains something of a mystery for some of Chiefs Kingdom, who will always wonder what might have been if the troubled running back had only kept himself together off the field long enough to establish himself as part of the long-term offensive weapons in K.C.

After leading the league in rushing yards as a rookie (in an offense that generated so much passing production), Hunt was in the midst of a stellar second season with the Chiefs when the wheels fell off and he was released after lying to the team and assaulting a woman.

From there, John Dorsey took another chance on Hunt, this time with the Cleveland Browns, but he was never more than a tandem partner with Nick Chubb all the while. Some injury concerns arose and opportunity never knocked more than than irregularly and now, at the age of 27, Hunt has to wonder just how good his future opportunities might look.

Lest there be any doubt, Hunt will have his suitors before the regular season and there's no reason to believe he still can't be productive. But for a guy who once looked like a vital cog in the NFL's best offense, Hunt has turned into a object lesson for other young players coming into the league about the perils of poor decisions, bad character, and the company you keep.