Former Chiefs player is handing out free bulletin board material to rivals

Baltimore Ravens v Kansas City Chiefs
Baltimore Ravens v Kansas City Chiefs / Peter G. Aiken/GettyImages

Remember when LeSean McCoy played for the Kansas City Chiefs? If you don't, no one would blame you. McCoy spent one season with the Chiefs in 2019 and won a Super Bowl with them that year. The next year he played for the Buccaneers and won another Super Bowl, this time at the expense of the Chiefs.

Since then, the Chiefs have gone on to win two more Super Bowls, including back-to-back in 2022 and 2023. They're vying for a third-straight Super Bowl title this season, which has never been accomplished.

While some will point to teams like the Ravens, Bengals, Bills, and some other wild cards to potentially knock the Chiefs off their throne, McCoy isn't buying that narrative. McCoy recently appeared on SPEAK on FS1 and said he believes the biggest rival to the Chiefs this season is themselves.

"We're at the same spot again. We do this every single year, and I'm tired of it. I will not be fooled. Every year, we all say, 'Who's the biggest threat for the Chiefs?' We always throw these teams around, we always do this. And then what do the Chiefs do? They win, and they win and they win again. So, listen... me, myself, LeSean McCoy, I will not sit up here, and I'm not biased. I love Andy Reid, I love all the Chiefs, they got me a championship, I get that. But I'm not about to sit up here and play this game with the big dogs."

LeSean McCoy doesn't think anyone can stop the Chiefs but themselves

The one year that the Chiefs didn't make the Super Bowl, the Bengals shocked the NFL world by reaching the AFC title game and then knocking off KC at home to advance to the big game. Cincinnati would go on to lose the Super Bowl to the Rams and then dropped the AFC Championship Game to the Chiefs the following season.

The Bengals certainly posed the biggest threat to KC but they're coming off a down year. The Ravens hosted the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game and still couldn't fight them off. The Bills haven't been able to figure out KC in the playoffs during the Josh Allen era. The Texans are still unproven.

I can certainly see LeSean McCoy's point here. Last year it felt like the Chiefs were the weakest they had been during the Patrick Mahomes era but where were they when the final whistle of the season blew? Winning yet another Super Bowl title. He might be onto something here.

The problem is that the other teams are going to hear this and use it as motivation to prove that they have what it takes to knock the Kansas City Chiefs off their pedestal. Will they be successful? Let's hope not.