FOCO Releases Kansas City Chiefs Overalls


The Kansas City Chiefs are always riding high, thanks to the incredible duo of quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce. So it's obvious that Chiefs Kingdom is excited for another Super Bowl run in 2023-24.

Recently, FOCO unveiled a new line of overalls, and it's no surprise that the Kansas City Chiefs are at the forefront. These overalls are both officially licensed and affordable sporting the iconic red and yellow colors that the Chiefs are known for.  These overalls from FOCO are also a perfect choice for the devoted fan looking to support their team in a unique way. 

Oh, and the players love them. Just check out Trey Smith and Creed Humphrey.


Where to Buy Chiefs Overalls?

It can be hard to find a place that has great prices and is also a legit online retailer. FOCO only sells officially licensed sports merchandise and their Kansas City Chiefs overalls are no different.

They have both large pockets as well as the team's iconic logo and red and yellow colors, all at an affordable price. Check out their Chiefs overalls on FOCO with the link below.

Buy Chiefs Overalls at FOCO - $70


How to Style Chiefs Overalls

Styling your Chiefs overalls is ultimately decided by what you decide to wear in addition to them. If you are die-hard fan and like to stand out in the crowd, then feel free to rock these shirtless with a painted face or other Kansas City Chiefs gear. If you just want to enjoy the game and show support for your team, Chiefs overalls can be worn with a simple hoodie underneath or a red/white t-shirt in warmer weather.

Does FOCO Make Chiefs Overalls for Men and Women?

FOCO’s Chiefs red and yellow overalls are very versatile and are absolutely available for both men and women. Many people even like to wear them as a group to stand out or to match with their spouse or significant other. Chiefs overalls are a great way for anyone to show dedication to their favorite team!

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