Five seriously underrated KC Chiefs from the Andy Reid era

Some former Kansas City Chiefs from the last decade deserve a lot more credit than they typically get.

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Sean Smith, CB

John Dorsey has taken his lumps for some of his financial choices while he was the Chiefs general manager, but he also had some incredible signings (e.g. Mitchell Schwartz). One of those who deserves more credit is cornerback Sean Smith.

When Dorsey first arrived in K.C., he was tasked with remaking a secondary that was more athletic than physical, so one of his first orders of business was to convince Smith to sign with the Chiefs in free agency to serve as the new long-term leader in the secondary. (Remember the smaller Brandon Carr had just left in 2012 and Brandon Flowers would follow suit in 2014.)

Smith inked a three-year deal with the Chiefs that offseason, despite the miserable recent history of the team, and was a major part of the turnaround for the Chiefs on defense. While he never made a Pro Bowl, he was named to Pro Football Focus' All-NFL team in 2014 and was a reliably physical corner for the Chiefs for three seasons.

Despite having a big safety's size at 6'3 and nearly 220 lbs., Smith had the athletic gifts to be able to keep up with most receivers. From there, Smith would somehow fall apart with the Raiders after signing a big-money deal to leave in 2017. Legal troubles would plague him thereafter and Smith's reputation would never be the same.

For three years in K.C., however, Smith was an important yet overlooked part of a remade defense.