Five players the Chiefs must make room for in 2023

Potential doesn't win championships.

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Prince Tega Wanogho

Alright, alright, I know. Readers who keep track of my takes will know that I thought Prince Tega Wanogho was expendable at one point this offseason. Granted, the contract is a bit much for my liking, but the team would benefit by keeping him on the roster. That is barring any other moves at offensive tackle, of course.

I did not foresee how raw rookie Wanya Morris was. It is the preseason, of course, but Morris is not a player I want entering a game in a pinch. I would feel more comfortable seeing Wanogho do that, though. Wanogho, once a project offensive tackle out of Auburn, has carved out a nice role as a swing tackle. He has some limited NFL experience, with 66 offensive snaps across the 2021 and 2022 seasons. 

He saw extensive action against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 10 last season, holding his own against their pass rushers. That has carried over into this preseason, with solid outings against the Saints and Cardinals.

I am not advocating for Wanogho to get a starting job, but I feel comfortable with him coming into a game during the regular season. If the Chiefs want to take the safe option, Wanogho is the way to go.

Tershawn Wharton

Like Jones, I feel like this needs to be said. Recent 53-man roster projections have Tershawn Wharton on the roster bubble. I get that his recovery has kept him limited in training camp and out of preseason action. But there is nothing to make me believe he won't make the final cut. He is one of the team's best interior pass rushers and is not a complete liability against the run. 

The Chiefs need dynamic defenders in the middle. I know Wharton is not a block-eater, but he provides some pressure alongside Chris Jones. The Chiefs need some options in the interior, at least until they know Jones is good to go and what Coburn brings to the plate. Keeping Wharton, like Wanogho, is the safe option.