Five players the Chiefs must make room for in 2023

Potential doesn't win championships.

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Kansas City Chiefs fans are once again starved for the daily doses of football that come with training camp. After the preseason's second week, the team is entering more of a normal season's rhythm. The practices shift indoors and away from public eyes as the roster and game plan take shape.

The Chiefs' focus intensifies as they prepare for the upcoming regular season. With that intensity ratcheting up, fans can see some players playing like their jobs depend on it. Because, until Tuesday, Aug. 29 at 4 p.m. ET, they really do.

Gone are the days of gradual roster cuts. Now, NFL teams have until Aug. 29 to whittle their 90-man rosters down to 53 ahead of the regular season. There are plenty of players who have NFL-caliber tools but will not make the cut. There are multiple factors that go into making final roster decisions. I do not envy coaches having to make these calls and sit across from players who receive the bad news.

It's a tough and challenging task, but it's all part of the journey to the regular season. However, having to make those tough decisions is somewhat of a good thing. That means that the team is deep and chock full of talent. That initial deep roster, complimented by a well-stocked practice squad, will help the Chiefs en route to another Super Bowl. 

 All that being said, some players are standing out more as needs than wants ahead of the Aug. 29 deadline. Between injuries, unrealized potential, or poor performances in training camp, what players should the Chiefs make room for on the initial 53-man roster?