Five Chiefs who have gone missing in the preseason

This was not the right time to fade from view for these NFL hopefuls.

Indiana Hoosiers wide receiver Ty Fryfogle (3) plays against...
Indiana Hoosiers wide receiver Ty Fryfogle (3) plays against... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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Matt Dickerson / Phil Hoskins

Of all of the frustrating preseasons on this list, Matt Dickerson might be the most frustrating of all simply because of the position he plays.

With Turk Wharton injured and Chris Jones holding out, this year's training camp and preseason for the Chiefs provided plenty of opportunities for someone in the heart of the defensive line to stand out. More than 30 days into the preseason, however, it's safe to say that not a single player has really stepped up as the team might have hoped.

Keondre Coburn has looked solid at times as the team's sixth-round choice, and Danny Shelton looks svelte and ready to contribute compared to last year, but there's little doubt that DT is the thinnest position on the roster. That's frustrating, then, to feel like Phil Hoskins and/or Matt Dickerson missed a chance in preseason games (and it doesn't help Dickerson that he's missed practice with a turf toe injury this week).

Dickerson and Hoskins have both gotten snaps up front in place of better-yet-missing players but they've generated little push which means little buzz. Camp is all about seizing the brass ring but it felt like no one wanted to take it along the defensive interior in KC.