Five Chiefs who have gone missing in the preseason

This was not the right time to fade from view for these NFL hopefuls.

Indiana Hoosiers wide receiver Ty Fryfogle (3) plays against...
Indiana Hoosiers wide receiver Ty Fryfogle (3) plays against... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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Isaiah Norman

One year ago, the Chiefs plucked a productive young defensive back out of the Marshall secondary for their third of three seventh-round draft selections, Nazeeh Johnson. This year, the team decided to take another flyer on a versatile DB from the Thundering Herd once more in Isaiah Norman—one that is much more of a longshot to make the team at this stage.

Despite the shared alma mater, the truth is that Johnson and Norman never played together, given that the former transferred in for a single season in 2022 after starting at Austin Peay for four seasons. Norman committed for a year to Marshall to prove he could play at the FBS level as well and helped Marshall pull off a road upset of No. 8 Notre Dame last season.

Norman brings a nice body of experience playing all over the secondary as a versatile safety and corner both. At 6'1, 205 lbs., he's got the size to play the more physical spots and his tackling prowess measures up as well.

The downside here is fairly simple: Despite being a nice story and hard-working prospect, the Chiefs haven't really featured Norman in any way that signals a future with the team. Even with Johnson's season-ending injury and fractured fingers for Nic Jones, the Chiefs have watched Kahlef Hailassie or Ekow Boye-Doe or Reese Taylor step right up into a playmaking role.

Right now, Norman is more known for being another Isaiah on the roster than anything else. That's not to say he won't find a long-term home on the practice squad and eventually blossom as he learns the system, but he's certainly been missing from the spotlight this preseason.