Five Chiefs who have gone missing in the preseason

This was not the right time to fade from view for these NFL hopefuls.

Indiana Hoosiers wide receiver Ty Fryfogle (3) plays against...
Indiana Hoosiers wide receiver Ty Fryfogle (3) plays against... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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Anderson Hardy

To be fair to Anderson Hardy, he wasn't brought in to make much noise this preseason.

Hardy was brought into camp as a developmental offensive lineman out of Appalachian State. He started at left tackle but profiled as an interior lineman at the pro level and was set to try out the center position for the Chiefs.

RightRIght now, the Chiefs have veterans like Nick Allegretti and Austin Reiter fighting for backup spots on the roster as a reserve at those positions. From there, Mike Caliendo is back for his second season after signing as a rookie free agent from Western Michigan and Darian Kinnard has also made the transition inside.

For Hardy, a successful summer would be to secure enough of a leash to stick around as a practice squad stash and perhaps vie with Caliendo for more interior reps after a year in the system. But did Hardy do enough to even stand apart from his fellow longshots like Jerome Carvin or Jason Godrick or Sebastian Gutierrez?