Five very good reasons to remain bullish on the Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have their flaws, but so do many other teams in the AFC. Here are five reasons why it is not as doom and gloom as it seems.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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5. I’ll take my odds with Petty Mahomes

Call me crazy, but I love it when players search the web and the socials looking for extra motivation, and that is exactly what Mahomes is doing here liking this X Post. 

He has since unliked this post but everybody saw the outburst that Mahomes displayed following the loss and the controversial call against the Bills. Everybody saw how Reid reacted in his post-game presser, calling the offensive offsides “embarrassing for the National Football League.” 

I might gander to guess this stemmed from built-up frustration from the year going the way that it has. Everything we have heard since then, however, has been nothing but business. 

Mahomes has apologized for the way he operated after the game and Reid took accountability for the mistakes made in the game. Travis Kelce stated on New Heights that Kansas City put it behind them and that they have moved on to the New England Patriots. Both Mahomes and Kelce have mentioned being better at practice, Monday through Friday, honing in on the little details. 

A lot of the great players of all time looked for motivation from outside the building, so I have no problem with the team digging deep for that kind of thing. Kelce is clearly listening to the outside noise of the critics about the wide receivers and as long as they are accountable in the building, it is a good thing that they are sticking up for each other. 

The last thing I would want is an 8-5 team that had Super Bowl aspirations to have a blank stare on their face. If I am an AFC team in the playoffs or otherwise, I would fear a ticked-off Mahomes and Kelce go scorched earth on us to end our season. 

No team in the AFC has near the type of track record of the Chiefs that would strike fear in an opponent. Kansas City has the next four weeks to learn how to win again.