Five defensive players who will make or break KC Chiefs Defense

The Chiefs are going to play real, meaningful football games soon, whether Chris Jones is on the team or not. Who are the players that will make or break their team? We discuss.

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Kansas City Chiefs are seemingly always in a state of transition. Whether it be adding young talent to the defense, or introducing a roster with seven receivers on it, the Chiefs seem willing to try new things and adapt to fit their own needs.

This offseason, the Chiefs have been on again and off again with Chris Jones, but he is not the only important player in the Chiefs' defense.

So, which defensive players are the Chiefs going to lean on the most? Who makes or breaks the defensive strategy for the Chiefs this year? Some players are clear, others need to step up in a big way. Here are our five key defensive players for the Chiefs in 2023-2024.

1. Chris Jones, DT

Chiefs'Look, I know we are sick of this. I'm tired of hearing, "pay the man" or "trade him for future assets" or whatever people are saying now. The truth of the matter is, Chris Jones is clearly the biggest part of the Chiefs defensive success.

Quite literally, Jones is the only ace that the team has defensively. With incredible pass-rushing skills and top-notch playmaking ability, Jones can single-handedly wreck an offensive game plan. There is not another player on defense for the Chiefs who can do that, full stop. Jones can play inside on early downs and kick outside on obvious passing downs. Steve Spagnuolo will likely use him in a variety of different ways.

What is most important, however, is that Jones is the most clutch player on the team. When the Chiefs are in desperate need to get off of the field, Jones has come up big multiple times. Whether in a divisional round game, or early division rival game, you can expect something big from Jones when the team needs it.

Jones is also the unit's heart and soul, especially with the departures of Tyrann Mathieu and Frank Clark over the last couple of seasons. With a commanding presence in the locker room, he has the respect of his teammates. While his fiery passion for the game can get him in trouble from time to time (see unsportsmanlike conduct against Matt Ryan and punching an offensive lineman's leg on a field goal attempt), he is the building block for this defense. The defense will go as Chris Jones does.