Five biggest winners from Kansas City Chiefs preseason

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
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3. Ekow Boye-Doe and Kahlef Hailassie - Cornerbacks

The Chiefs have drafted defensive backs extremely well over the past few years. Because of that, the Chiefs entered camp with a slew of young drafted DBs such as L'Jarius Sneed, Trent McDuffie, Joshua Williams, Jaylon Watson, Bryan Cook, Nazeeh Johnson, Chamarri Conner, and Nic Jones. You throw in a trio of veteran safeties in Justin Reid, Mike Edwards, and Deon Bush and I just didn't see any possible way K.C. would have room to consider a single other defensive back.

Well, I was right that they wouldn't consider another corner, instead they now have to be considering TWO other corners. I don't know if either Ekow Boye-Doe or Kahlef Hailassie will be able to fight their way onto the 53-man roster, but they deserve a major tip of the cap for how hard of decision they have made this for KC. Boye-Doe and Hailassie both look like guys most teams would want to have as their developmental 5th corner on the roster. That's what makes this so hard. Both players have shown enough in camp and the preseason that K.C. has to be worried a team with less defensive back depth will be happy to scoop either of them up.

So what will the Chiefs do? Is seventh-round pick Nic Jones in danger of being beaten out? Will they keep six corners? If either happens, will they use the spot to keep Boye-Doe or Hailassie? Do they like one or both of them enough to consider trading away one of their other young corners?

It will be very interesting to see what the Chiefs decide to do with both of these exciting young corners. Next up, the wide receiver that just won't go away.