First-round mock draft: Quarterback overload knocks top talent to Chiefs

In our first edition of a round one mock draft, we see a serious positional run on quarterbacks knock premiere talent all the way down the draft board.

Ohio State v Michigan
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25. Green Bay Packers

SELECTION: Jer'Zhan Newton, DT, Illinois

The Packers could certainly do a number of different things with this pick. There are a bunch of receivers and defensive backs available at this point, but Jer'Zhan Newton would be a great addition to the interior of the defensive line. While Newton is a little undersized, he is powerful and difficult to slow down at the point of attack. The case could be made that Newton is the best interior lineman in the class.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

SELECTION: Chop Robinson, EDGE, Penn State

Another beneficiary to all of the quarterbacks that came off the board is the Buccaneers. Chop Robinson, by all means, could be long gone by this point. Robinson is explosive off of the ball and could be an eventual replacement for Lavonte David off of the ball. Or, perhaps the Bucs would use him on the line as their pass-rushing outside linebacker. Either way, his explosive nature and sure tackling skills could make him an asset for the Bucs defense.

27. Arizona Cardinals (From Houston)

SELECTION: Cooper DeJean, CB, Iowa

Cooper DeJean has been cleared medically after a broken fibula. Sean Murphy-Bunting was a nice addition this offseason, but having Cooper DeJean would immediately make the Cardinals a better team. He is able to play in the slot, outside, and at safety. This versatility makes him extremely valuable for the long term. If not for injury, DeJean would be off the board before 27.

28. Philadelphia Eagles (Projected trade with Buffalo Bills)

SELECTION: Tyler Nubin, Safety, Minnesota

Tyler Nubin is not the most athletic safety in this class, but he has the best length and instincts. For a team like Philadelphia that was getting gashed in the passing game, Nubin makes a lot of sense. He would likely be the box safety in the nickel, but he is very capable of creating turnovers in the middle of the field.