First-round mock draft: Quarterback overload knocks top talent to Chiefs

In our first edition of a round one mock draft, we see a serious positional run on quarterbacks knock premiere talent all the way down the draft board.

Ohio State v Michigan
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5. Los Angeles Chargers

SELECTION: Malik Nabers, WR, LSU

It is wild how much worse the Chargers' roster looks offensively after the dust is beginning to settle from the initial wave of moves this offseason. Down Austin Ekeler, Mike Williams, and Keenan Allen the Chargers are in need of some talent. They should look no further than Malik Nabers.

Nabers is an incredible athlete who is capable of both taking the top off a defense and making plays in the middle of the field. Further, Nabers would make an amazing pairing with Quentin Johnston, who had a rough start to his NFL career. The combination of Johnston's size and Nabers' speed could prove to be dynamic for Justin Herbert.

6. New York Giants

SELECTION: J.J. McCarthy, QB, Michigan

To some, this may come as a surprise. The Giants have been somewhat quiet about their plans at quarterback going forward. After a disappointing start to the season for Daniel Jones and then a season-ending injury, the Giants were forced to think about their future at the position. McCarthy is a more talented option than Jones right now, but having both quarterbacks on the roster offers more flexibility. Jones could be the starter for a season and McCarthy could learn how to be a professional in an NFL organization. Then, the Giants could move on to better things.

7. Tennessee Titans

SELECTION: Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame

This would be brilliant for the Titans. With teams selecting quarterbacks and receivers all the way to pick seven, it would allow them to take the best remaining player: Joe Alt. With excellent technique and quick hands, Alt is likely the first offensive lineman to come off the board. The Titans could certainly use an upgrade on the right side of the line as they try to build a system of support around Will Levis. Joe Alt's dad, John, was a talented lineman for the Chiefs years ago.

8. Atlanta Falcons

SELECTION: JC Latham, OT, Alabama

The Falcons must do everything in their power to keep Kirk Cousins healthy as he plays out his (final?) contract in Atlanta. With weapons all over the field such as Drake London, Bijan Robinson, and Kyle Pitts, their priority now is to keep Cousins from getting killed by a 300-pound lineman in less than three seconds. They should look no further than JC Latham.

Joe Alt might have been the best lineman in the class, but it is a close three-headed race. Latham could come in and immediately secure a tackle spot for the Falcons. He is huge, quick, and powerful. If he pans out, he might be a perennial Pro Bowler. Cousins could have the best pure blocker of his long career with Latham on the line.