Donna Kelce proves she's a woman of the people with Taylor Swift responses

We love and we shrug.
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As I write this, I have to assume that there are people with very real and very passionate opinions about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. These are the same persons who pay attention to red carpet events and buy tabloids, again I'm being assumptive, because these things exist and that requires that someone, somewhere is consuming them.

It's just that I live so far away from these things.

My world is already big enough for me. I'm married with a son. I have a full-time job and I keep some freelancing irons in the fire. We have homework and family games and vacations. We have a few pets and good neighbors and best friends. In other words, there are healthy things to take up our time and attention.

That's what makes Donna Kelce such a woman of the people—or at least the people I understand. As Travis Kelce's mother, she's already a beloved figure (seriously, anyone named Kelce, even those not really related, should all get free drinks anywhere at any time). However, in a recent interview about Travis Kelce and his new friend/girlfriend Taylor Swift, she made herself even more likeable and accessible.

Donna Kelce recently spoke to CNN about her son's love life... wait a minute, let's even acknowledge the odd nature of that sentence. Most of us will never be asked to go on record about anything in any situation, but I can't imagine someone putting a mic in front of my face to ask about my son's dating status. Then again, he's only 9 and his crush, Sylvia, likes jump ropes and markers and sunflowers—pretty sure no reporter cares about such things.

Back to Donna. In response to CNN's concerns about Travis's love life, she stated, "I don’t talk about it much. It’s basically, you know, people’s personal lives and I just stay out of it." I couldn't agree more. I'm doing my best to stay out of it as well.

A friend told me the other day that his personal mantra has been "They were totally okay without your opinion." He went on to say that he's been judgmental for as long as he can r x emember and he's trying to break his own bad habits in recent weeks by reminding himself that people are the way they are for their own reasons and they don't need my input to be okay." That's certainly true of Taylor and Travis. Even if someone is in the limelight, it doesn't mean we have to pay attention.

Ultimately, Donna is the mother that we all deserve because she's centered on a few primary concerns and everything else can fall away. When asked about whether she wants Travis to stick things out with Taylor or not, she replied, “Whoever Travis loves. It doesn’t matter who he picks. As long as he’s happy, I don’t care.” Same here, Mama Kelce. Same here.