Dante Hall calls out Matt Nagy for Chiefs' offensive struggles

The Human Joystick had plenty to say on Good Morning Football.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

Everyone in Chiefs Kingdom has questions about the state of the team's offense at this point. Unfortunately, no one seems to have any answers. And that includes those both inside and outside of Arrowhead Stadium.

This year, the Chiefs' offense has taken a significant step back compared to the rest of the league. After years of serving as the league's most dangerous unit, the Chiefs look more like a middling team with a low-functioning offense that struggles to move the chains at all for any extended period of time. A far cry from the days of leading the league in points scored or yards gained.

For the last six seasons, the lowest rank by the Chiefs in total points is No. 6 in the NFL. Just last year, they were first overall. They've also dropped from first to ninth in total yards. It's a scenario that has even former Chiefs players concerned about the quality of play they've seen.

On a recent episode of Good Morning Football on the NFL Network, former Chiefs returner and receiver Dante Hall, a recent entry into the team's Hall of Fame, spoke openly about the changes from one year to the next and made his best guess as to what is going on.

"How do we correct things? How do we establish things? I think it starts at the top with Matt Nagy," said Hall. "I don’t really know the guy so this is all speculation, but what I do know is this: when Eric Bieniemy was there, we didn’t have this lack of discipline. We didn’t have guys not lining up? We didn’t have guys dropping a league-leading 25 passes. We had none of this.

"So is it Nagy? Is it Bieniemy?" he continues. "I don’t know, but it starts at the top. You are the offensive coordinator. You, besides JuJu Smith-Schuster leaving, are the only change in this Super Bowl-winning offense. So it must be you. Get these guys in order!"

That's an interesting quote from a former player who admits he doesn't know Nagy personally. Taking a public shot at a team's coordinator also won't earn him any bonus points from the brass inside Arrowhead. However, it might be the sort of public pressure needed to bolster accountability in the present moment—painf

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