Chris Jones delivers much needed post-game message to Ja'Marr Chase

The Chiefs officially ended the Bengals season (again) on Sunday with a 25-17 win.

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Chiefs officially ended the Bengals season (again) on Sunday with a 25-17 win.

The game might not have looked the way most fans would have predicted on either team, but the Kansas City Chiefs came away with an important win on Sunday. Not only did they clinch their postseason berth and yet another AFC West title, but they also officially ended the Cincinnati Bengals' hopes for any playoff action.

On the back of Harrison Butker's career night, the Chiefs toppled the visiting Bengals by a final score of 25-17. In the process, they moved to 10-6 and added another win over Cincinnati after watching the Bengals control the momentum in the series the last few years.

Before the game, Bengals star wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase didn't sound too intimidated at the thought of going up against the Chiefs defense despite the unit's dominance for most of the season. The Chiefs' defense has been one of the league's best front-to-back for the entire season by most metrics, but Chase spoke with reporters earlier this week and stated, "They know I'm good. They know how to play us. That's what it is. But it's not like they got a superstar on their defense."

After scoring 17 points on their first three drives, the Bengals wouldn't score a single point for the rest of the game. In fact, their last seven drives finished like this:

  • Punt
  • End of Half
  • Down
  • Punt
  • Punt
  • Punt
  • Punt
  • Downs

As for Chase, the eye test already told us that he won (as well as the stat sheet), but we loved this post from ESPN. Sneed, once again, was just plain dominant.

Given that the Chiefs swarmed the Bengals' passing attack for the game and came away with six sacks, the defense was ecstatic with the win after the game. Star defensive tackle Chris Jones had a special message for Chase when asked for quotes following the win:

Sneed himself said he exchanged pleasantries with Chase but that he ultimately had a short and sweet message for him as well. "Yeah, we had some words. I went up to him after the game and told him 'good game.' But you know, check the stats."

Given that Chase had only 3 catches for 41 yards on the night, the stats definitely speak for themselves

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