Chiefs vs 49ers: Who comes out on top in Super Bowl 58 tale of the tape?

Let's see how these two teams shake out when you break it down position by position. Some of these units are very close, which will make for a terrific matchup.

San Fransciso 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
San Fransciso 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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Head Coach

Andy Reid has already bested Kyle Shanahan back in Super Bowl 54. In that game, the 49ers carried a 10-point lead with just over six minutes to go and wound up losing by 11. And that is not the only time Shanahan has coughed up a big lead in a Super Bowl. 

Back in Super Bowl 51 the Falcons famously had a 28-3 lead late in the third quarter before Tom Brady mounted a comeback people will never forget to earn his fifth of seven rings. Back in Super Bowl 54, neither Shanahan nor Reid had a ring on their finger yet. Fast forward four years and Reid is on the brink of adding a third while Shanahan is trying to capture that elusive first one. 

Much like Reid before Mahomes, Shanahan has struggled in the past when it comes to game and clock management. That is something Reid has mastered at this point and seems to keep getting better. 

The 49ers have been on the brink of a Super Bowl for years now, while their roster is aging and most of that has been chalked up to bad quarterback play. The offense has flourished under Purdy and we will see on Sunday if they can take advantage of the Chiefs' defense like no one else has in 2023. 

They both are elite playcallers. Who knows where this conversation will be 20 years from now because Shanahan has a bright future ahead of them, but at this point, Big Red takes the cake. 

Advantage: Chiefs