Chiefs trade idea: Treylon Burks could be Brett Veach's next reclamation project

Why not keep the trend rolling?
Kansas City Chiefs, Treylon Burks
Kansas City Chiefs, Treylon Burks / Mike Carlson/GettyImages

When you're attempting a three-peat, while bringing back a good majority of Super Bowl studs on the roster, it's sometimes hard to find weaknesses in a team like the Kansas City Chiefs.

But, one position that has been in question for a few years now is at wide receiver. Sure, the Chiefs signed Hollywood Brown and drafted Xavier Worthy. But, with the Rashee Rice suspension looming, and not much reliable depth beyond the top three, it's worth wondering whether another move is on the horizon.

Recently, ESPN published a piece mulling over some additional moves each team could make this offseason. The topic of trading Treylon Burks came up when discussing the Tennessee Titans and, if Brett Veach wanted yet another project, the Chiefs could pounce.

Veach has made a habit of going after former high draft picks like Kadarius Toney, Deandre Baker, Cam Erving, Reggie Ragland, etc. The list goes on. They haven't always worked out, but this is the type of chance a Super Bowl-winning front office takes.

Burks was a first-round pick just three years ago and presents a lot of upside that has yet to be discovered. Injuries have hurt him a bit to begin his career, but he's healthy right now and appears ready to take on whatever role needed in Tennessee. The problem is, the Titans now have DeAndre Hopkins, Calvin Ridley and Tyler Boyd locked in as their top three wideouts.

Burks could be on the move.

Trading for Treylon Burks isn't the only option, but it might be the best one

There is definitely a feeling that the Titans could wind up shocking the football world and releasing Burks later on in the offseason. Based on some comments from new head coach Brian Callahan, Burks doesn't seem to have a cemented role as the coach has said he'll "play everything," including special teams.

That doesn't sound like a guy the team has a ton of faith in, at the moment.

So, the Chiefs very well could wait and see if Burks is released. But, the likelihood Kansas City ends up snagging him off waivers is slim to none. A team ahead of the Chiefs in waiver priority will sign him, no doubt.

This is why a trade makes the most sense, and for someone like Burks with a ton of untapped potential, offering a mid-round pick might result in a total steal for this Chiefs organization. Yes, Veach has tried and failed with some of these projects.

But, there is also a chance that the speed and size of Burks isn't just the only thing he brings to the table. Instead, Kansas City could truly help mold him mentally, too, giving him all the faith in the world to become what he had the potential to be coming out of college. Putting the physical tools all together, with the aid of smart coaching and elite quarterback play, could ensure Burks' success is ultimately found.

Look, you have a 6-foot-2, 225-pound wide receiver who is nearly as fast as he is strong. He showed the potential to become a scary weapon, especially after the catch, coming out of Arkansas. The guy is only 24 years old. Could he be a bust? Sure.

Could he also end up being a late bloomer and go on to do some big things with Mahomes under center? Absolutely.

This is a chance worth taking if you're the two-time defending Super Bowl champs.