Chiefs Stock Watch, Week 8: George Karlaftis provides bright light during a dark week

The defense provided the opportunities, but the offense could not get out of their own way.
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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Stock Down: Mecole Hardman

The homecoming hero last week is one of the goats in Week 8.

Long-time Chiefs fans know that for every good Mecole Hardman game, there is a worse game coming right behind it. Hardman was a non-factor on offense, with only two catches for 13 yards to go along with one rush for three yards, but his muffed punt after a clutch sack was the most significant momentum swing of the game.

The Chiefs were still down 14-9 and had just gotten a third-down sack from Leo Chenal, which pushed the Broncos out of field goal position and provided an opportunity for the Chiefs offense to have the ball, again, with a chance to take the lead. Hardman attempted to field the ensuing punt inside the five instead of allowing the punt to drop for a potential touchback. Instead, Hardman let the ball slip right through his hands and kicked it right to a Broncos defender, giving Denver possession at the Chiefs' 10 for an easy touchdown drive.

The momentum swing from potentially taking the lead to now being down two touchdowns was like finding a $100 bill in your pocket only to get robbed directly after. One of the main reasons that Hardman was brought back to Kansas City was his prowess on special teams, and now it appears we cannot count on even that for him.

The plight of the wide receiver corps looks as bad as it has all year, even with the emergence of Rashee Rice. The trade deadline looms large at 3:00 PM (CT) on Halloween. If it did not already feel like the Chiefs needed to make a deal for a wide receiver before today, it certainly feels like that now. The wide receivers are not good enough to get the Chiefs to where they want to go, so we shall see what Brett Veach will do at the deadline.