Chiefs rumors: Team remains optimistic for Chris Jones extension

ESPN's Dianna Russini has some optimism from K.C.'s side of things

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs and defensive tackle Chris Jones remain at an impasse when it comes to long-term contract negotiations. As such, Jones continues to hold out from showing up at the team's training camp which is now well into its second week.

The further things go with a holdout, the less there usually is for a deal to get done. After all, this is nothing new for either side, and they've both known for months that a new deal was needed. The numbers will certainly slide over time to adjust to market rates, but the fact that there's no middle ground agreed upon here even when every other teammate is in camp points to a downward trajectory.

In this instance, however, the latest rumors stemming from the Chiefs' side are staying positive despite Jones's absence from St. Joseph. ESPN reporter Dianna Russini spoke on Pat McAfee's show about an unnamed source with "someone involved in the negotiations" within the team who sounded optimistic about how things will turn out.

Here's the primary quote from Russini that boils it down:

"They still feel really optimistic they're going to get it done. The number Chris Jones wants, it's a big number. It's a big number. But the Chiefs, every conversation I've had with them over the last few months has been nothing but understanding his value, understanding his role on this team, 'We want to get this done. We feel good. We're going to get this done. We're optimistic.' That's one of those where I think it feels a little icky right now, but I think it's going to work out by the time we get to at least the third, fourth week of camp here."

To be clear, Russini later admits that it could go off the rails and that she's seen it before. It should also be noted that someone in the front office or organization was likely encouraged to float that to a reporter like Russini in order to assuage fan fears and keep the tone civil even as Jones is posting cryptic messages on social media.

Here's the truth: there's a lot of money at stake for the next several years and if it takes a few weeks more than expected or hoped in order some common ground where everyone feels the pain of compromise then it was likely worth it. For now, the team still has three full preseason games on the horizon and more than a month untl the season-opener against the Detroit Lions.