Chiefs Rumors: Adam Schefter tosses out insane theory about who might replace Andy Reid

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid looks on in the second quarter of the NFL Week 17 game
Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid looks on in the second quarter of the NFL Week 17 game / Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

The Kansas City Chiefs have the AFC Championship Game to worry about right now but the NFL talking heads are fixated on a potential Andy Reid retirement. It all started when Mike Florio started speculating that Reid could leave this offseason.

While Reid himself has cleared up those rumors saying that he still loves coaching and doesn't plan to step away, that's not going to stop people from talking about potential replacements. Adam Schefter is the latest to speculate and has thrown Bill Belichick into the ring for the Chiefs' next head coach.

Schefter makes sure to state that this is purely speculative and he's just having fun with this thought but he says that if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl this year, could that make Reid want to step away from football? If that happens and Bill Belichick is still waiting for a head coaching job, Schefter said it'd be fun to see the Chiefs entertain this thought.

Adam Schefter suggests Bill Belichick as potential Andy Reid replacement

I'll just go ahead and say it -- Why would the Chiefs replace Reid with an even older head coach? Yes, Belichick is great and has six Super Bowls and we know the history but he's turning 72 years old this spring. If Reid does decide to retire this offseason (and at this point, it doesn't seem that's going to happen), it feels likely that the Chiefs would want to get younger at the head coaching spot.

Plus, as good as Belichick was for the duration of his time with the Patriots, that team was not good after Tom Brady left following the 2019 season. There could be a reason why Belichick didn't get hired this offseason by a different team.

If the Chiefs lose to the Ravens this weekend, prepare yourself for a lot more of these Andy Reid replacement rumors. Honestly, even if they win, expect to keep hearing about it all the way up through the Super Bowl. It's going to be a long offseason.