Chiefs news: Wide receiver Juwan Green signs late in preseason

The Chiefs have swapped wideouts on the active roster with only one exhibition to go.

Vegas Vipers v Seattle Sea Dragons
Vegas Vipers v Seattle Sea Dragons / Ali Gradischer/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs have reportedly added a new wide receiver to the mix fairly late in the preseason with the signing of Juwan Green on Monday.

The Chiefs visited the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday for the second of their three scheduled preseason contests—with the final coming next Saturday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium against the visiting Cleveland Browns—and came away with a better idea of what they had on offense after watching their second and third-string personnel earn considerable playing time. In response, the Chiefs decided to swap out receivers to get a closer look at Green.

In order to make room for Green, the Chiefs have let go of Kekoa Crawford despite the fact that he earned some solid buzz in training camp.

The Chiefs have swapped out wideouts on the active roster with only one exhibition to go.

Green first entered the NFL as a rookie free agent with the Atlanta Falcons back in 2020 out of the University of Albany. In college, Green had 21 touchdowns in 23 games over the course of two seasons and earned that tryout with the Falcons but he was waived before roster cuts were due. He returned again in 2021 as a late spring signing and ended up making the team's practice squad for the majority of that season.

Green spent the end of the 2021 season on the Detroit Lions practice squad, and he found a home for part of the 2022 offseason with the Tennessee Titans but nothing stuck. Most recently, Green was able to showcase his talents in the XFL as a member of the Seattle Sea Dragons this past season with 29 catches for 420 yards and 6 touchdowns in 6 starts.

The Chiefs at least are interested enough in Green's skill set to see what he can do in a few practices up close before the preseason wraps and active roster cuts are due. Others are certainly above him on the depth chart, but it's impossible to tell who will make the practice squad with any certainty knowing other teams will be watching who the Chiefs make available.